My name is Nicole Hendricks ( Niki for short) and I live and create on a beach in South Carolina.  I work primarily in pastel and watercolor but also enjoy working in pen and ink, Oil and acrylic.
I find inspiration in, and strive to capture, the beauty of the natural world in my art.  I find that nature provides for me, a less complicated view of the world, and art allows me to interact more effectively with that world than other forms of communication might.
Just as in any good conversation, I weave different subjects into my art rather than drone on and on on a single topic.  Today you and I might talk about loosely watercolored crabs on a beach and tomorrow the subject may turn to botanically rendered dead leaves on the forest floor.  With each conversation it is my hope that we will both come to love and enjoy our shared world more fully.  My work is available at ArtHarbor Gallery in Georgetown, SC, here on my website and at www.artharbor.org. 



I began painting while in college but then put my creative energies into a business career and raising two children.  As my children fledged and my career settled down, I again picked up brush and paint, and am happily enjoying a second career as an artist in these later years of my life.
I invite you to come with me as we explore the world of art as expressed in my gallery, on my blog, and through questions and comments from viewers like you.  See anything you like in the gallery?  
My work is for sale at Art Harbor, 912 Front Street, Georgetown, SC www.artharbor.org or you may contact me at niki.hendricks@outlook.com for direct sales.