Throw Away Art?

Sometimes a piece I've been working on just doesn't turn out the way I want it to.  Does that ever happen to you?  Of course it does, it happens to all of us.  Frustrating as that may be, artists learn to give themselves permission to fail and learn from mistakes?  But beyond a learning experience, I … Continue reading Throw Away Art?

Lifelong Lessons

When was the last time you took an art lesson?  I went several years between art lessons, primarily because I worried about the cost of such lessons.  Why do you suppose we hesitate to invest in our talent?  Last year I made a commitment to take the next step and thinking of my art less … Continue reading Lifelong Lessons

Art Show Entries

  We have bunnies living in the woods behind our house, providing many happy moments as we watch them dart about, raise up to bend down a flower for a quick nibble, or sink quickly to the ground when the shadow of one of our hawks or eagles passes overhead.  February is when we begin … Continue reading Art Show Entries