Original Art Work

Artists, Nicole and Tony Hendricks 

Sails in the Sunshine

16x20 Acrylic framed in a white floating frame.  $400


This award-winning piece is rendered in the Pointillism style made famous by George Seurat who was instrumental in moving the art world toward a more abstract position.  $250

Red Sky at Night

12x12 Pastel on sanded paper, framed,   The old saying, Red sky at night, sailer delight, is abundantly true on Garden City Beach.  $250

Covid Relief

12x24 Pastel on sanded paper.  Framed,  Who doesn't need some relief from months of lock-down, social distancing, and mask-wearing.  So, if you're vaccinated, LET'S PARTY! $350

Sunset on Marsh

20x24 Watercolor, framed,  This interesting style of laying watercolors gives the effect of the marsh and the flow of the Waccamaw River. $250

Gullah Woman

18x20 Mixed Media , Framed  The Gullah community in the South Carolina low country continue the tradition of boiling Indigo plants to make a vibrant dye used for patterned cloth.  This Gullah Girl is hanging her newly dyed fabric out to dry. SOLD

Explosion of Color

18x20  Acrylic on Canvas, framed.  This interesting abstract is our End of Summer promotion - vailable  at an amazingly low $200.  

Sweet Grass

18 x 22 Pastel on sanded paper.  Matted and framed.  $300


12x12 Watercolor  Sold

Summer Afternoon in the Garden

12x20 Multimedia using ink and pastel on pastel paper.   $250

Hot Afternoon

11x14 framed Multimedia $250

Heron in the Grass

18x20 Acrylic on Canvas  $400