More about the bees

The Bees are flying! I've been so excited to watch our newly emerged Mason Bees flying around the garden this spring.  Any day now they should begin to lay their eggs (see my prior blog on how and where this will happen).  One thing I realize now, is that I should have purchased more bees. … Continue reading More about the bees

Mason Bees

If you're a gardener, or even if you're not, you probably know that the Honey Bee population is endangered, a situation that impacts farms, orchards and even back yard veggie gardeners.  Without pollinators, crops won't grow and we humans won't eat.  Scientists have discovered that a different kind of bee, a Mason Bee, is actually … Continue reading Mason Bees


Sometimes I like to paint something just for fun, as in this acrylic on gallery wrapped canvas entitled Swan Lake.  Where I live on the South Carolina coast, we often enjoy watching a mating pair of swans on the pond.  This image represents one of those beauties gliding serenely across the pond on a sunny … Continue reading JUST FOR FUN

Confidence Creates Success

Today I'm happy to be congratulating my husband, Tony, for selling his painting, Sand Hills.  Congratulations! But his success has a back story that I'm sure many of us can appreciate.  You see, Tony only took up art a year or so ago and only then with some prompting from me.  I mean, being married … Continue reading Confidence Creates Success

How to “Self-Teach”

I proudly profess to be a "self-taught" artist.  However, I think the term, self-taught," is a bit of a misnomer because artists, including myself, learn so much from so many sources. Way back when I first found an interest in art, I took an art course through the mail.  I still have those text books … Continue reading How to “Self-Teach”