What is happiness?  Someone once said that a person is about as happy as they choose to be.  But I'm not sure that's always true.  This painting, Waiting and Watching, was done from a photo I took of my mother once when her spirits were as gloomy as the day.  She, like many older folks, … Continue reading Happiness

Spring Showings

Welcome to Spring! It's the season when so many art shows and gallery openings fill the calendar.  I'm excited about my upcoming shows and events and want to invite everyone to come see what I've been creating this past fall and winter.   All during the month of April I will be featured as Artist … Continue reading Spring Showings


  Artists, writers, educators/scholars, clergy - if ever there was a time to speak out for human rights, now is that time!  Last we heard there were some 2,000 children separated from their parents and held in cages.  Now the Trump administration refuses to release current statistics on how many are still in custody - … Continue reading Madre`?

Of Our Sunset Years

 When I was a teenager I wanted to fit in.  So I tried hard to be what I thought others wanted me to be, say and do.  When I was climbing the corporate ladder it was important to me that others respected me.  So again I strove to be, say and do what corporate America … Continue reading Of Our Sunset Years

To be Relieved of our Plenty

My husband and I recently returned to our old habit of what we called, "Happy Hour Devotions."  We pop a beer or pour a glass of wine and read and discuss some sort of devotional material.  This time around we are reading, Meditations on the Monk Who Dwells in Daily Life, by Thomas Moore.  I … Continue reading To be Relieved of our Plenty