2021 Show Schedule It's exciting to be able to announce my 2021 show schedule! Now that COVID is under control and most of us are vaccinated and able to be out and about, galleries are open and art is being hung. I hope you'll have time to visit some of my work this summer. Here's … Continue reading

Pop-Up Art Sale

Coronavirus continues with us and for many of us, Art purchases are not on the top of our priority list. So, I'm launched a Pop-Up Sale at All paintings on the sale are original art and each is priced at a very affordable $10 plus shipping. 30% of the proceeds will be donated to … Continue reading Pop-Up Art Sale

2020 Show Schedule Announced

  Peony in Jar - 8x10 pastel available at Art Harbor I'm excited to announce my 2020 spring show schedule.  Hope to see you there! Current and ongoing -  Art Harbor Gallery, on the 912 Front Street in Georgetown, SC. Through January 2 - The Rice Museum, Georgetown, SC. Wednesday, April 1st - Friday, April … Continue reading 2020 Show Schedule Announced

Upcoming Shows 2019

 I'm excited to announce my fall show schedule and to invite everyone to come see my new "Pond" series.  Breakfast on the Pond, the first in this series will be on display at the Seacoast Artists Guild show October 5th - October 16th.  This 19x22 framed original watercolor is a favorite of mine.  Just love that … Continue reading Upcoming Shows 2019

Seeking Voice

Finding your voice, that creative style that speaks to who you are as an artist and as an individual, can take many years to develop.  I've been seeking my voice for about 10-years now and am still not sure I've found it.  But I found a lot of joy in creating both Breakfast on the Pond, … Continue reading Seeking Voice