wating and watching

What is happiness?  Someone once said that a person is about as happy as they choose to be.  But I’m not sure that’s always true.  This painting, Waiting and Watching, was done from a photo I took of my mother once when her spirits were as gloomy as the day.  She, like many older folks, was often lonely, watching and waiting for something to brighten her day – or maybe just for death.  Infirmity had begun to deprive her of her ability to get around as well as she once did, and that meant increased seclusion.  While her children did their best to fill the voids for her,  some lived at a distance and those who lived closer were involved in busy mid-career and child raising efforts.  Frailty meant she could no longer participate in hobbies she once enjoyed, and failing eyesight limited her reading time.  Often when I would call, she would say, “I’m just sitting here on the couch with a lap full of dog.”  Maybe she was watching a ball game, or some game show, but often she was just sitting there day-dreaming.  I painted Waiting and Watching in memory of Ruth Key Nelson who found her peace February 6, 2006. ( I intentionally did not render this as a portrait of mother, but rather as a representation of older women everywhere.)

One thought on “Happiness

  1. I like this and can identify with it. My first thought on seeing the picture was of a young girl daydreaming. After reading the narrative and looking at the picture again, I see that the subject could be any age.


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