Of Our Sunset Years

Marsh at Sunset When I was a teenager I wanted to fit in.  So I tried hard to be what I thought others wanted me to be, say and do.  When I was climbing the corporate ladder it was important to me that others respected me.  So again I strove to be, say and do what corporate America expected and rewarded.  It worked of course, but at what price?  I made good money and as a divorced mom was able to pay for my children’s college educations.  But the older I got, the madder I became as well.  “Who am I,” I often wondered.

I know you remember the quote by Maya Angelou, “When I am old, I will wear purple.”  Ms Angelou no doubt was referring to at time to come, at the sunset of her years, when she would no longer be bound by convention, no longer feel a need to be, say, or do what others expected of her.  When she would be free.  

Sometimes I run across people who seem so crabby I just don’t understand them.  But then I think, “that person isn’t free yet.”  The operative word here is “yet.”  Becoming free to be is no easy task, even when by virtue of advance age you have permission.  It takes practice and mindfulness to speak only your truth to the world.  

So whether you are in your Sunset Years or just coming along, it’s not too late or too early to begin to define “who you are.”

(copies of Marsh at Sunset can be purchased by searching for me at www.fineartamerica.com.)


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