Confidence Creates Success

Today I’m happy to be congratulating my husband, Tony, for selling his painting, Sand Hills.  Congratulations!

But his success has a back story that I’m sure many of us can appreciate.  You see, Tony only took up art a year or so ago and only then with some prompting from me.  I mean, being married to an artist, what did he expect?  He began doing some line drawings and working on architectural pieces that he could accomplish with a ruler.  But after a year or so he became bored with that and became aware of aboriginal art – see photo.  IMG_0903 Next, I convinced him to join the Seacoast Artist Guild with me and enter one of his paintings, Sand Hill in an upcoming show.  It took some encouragement by myself and some of his male friends to get him to do it, but finally he submitted his application and we attended the opening together.  After the awards ceremony, the judge approached Tony with high praise for his work!  He didn’t win a ribbon but the judges praise was almost better!  Three days later, the gallery called to say that Sand Hill had been sold!

Just goes to show that even if you don’t believe in your work, others will.  April begins the Art season, so get out there and join some art groups, enter the shows this spring, and see what happens.  Just look what happened for Tony.



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