Confidence or Arrogance?

I got to thinking today about the difference between confidence and arrogance.   As an artist, I may have confidence that a new painting is “good art.” But when I go to put a price tag on it, I worry that I’m being over-confident – arrogant.  Some say, “price with the market.”  But if every artist priced the same as every other artist, how would art grow in value?  Conversely, if an artist fails to price their work at its market value, how will the artist make a profit?

This fall, as I prepare for fall art shows, I’m struggling with how to price my work.  Low – so it will sell quickly even if I don’t make much profit, or high – and hope that someone out there will appreciate the vision, creativity, technique, cost of materials, and time that goes into a painting worthy of a gallery exhibit.  These two Ink on Yupo paintings are part of my Clean Water series.  18×20 matted and framed, $750 each.

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