Art and the Environment

This week the news is full of the announcement that President Trump pulled the US out of the Paris Climate Accord.  My first reaction was shock!  But then I asked myself, what does this really mean for the environment?  There is, of course, scientific proof of global warming and anything we can do to slow down that trend protects our world for generations into the future.  In our lifetimes we probably won’t see a significant decrease on the warming trend, but scientists project that we can and should aim for zero increase.  That being said, many states and major corporations have already stepped forward to say that they will continue their clean air and water plans regardless.  Living on the ocean as I do, clean water and clean air are upmost for our quality of life as well as our economic survival.  It is a shame that the US will no longer take a leadership role in this and other international and global interests, and that our pulling out of the accord sends a message that we care more about $$$’s than about quality of life and health.  Greed is never attractive is it?  But we, as individuals, can do our part to Make the Earth Green and Great Again.  I hope Searching for Clean Waters inspires you.searching for clean water cropped                                                Searching for Clean Waters

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