Writing an Artist’s Statement

This week I made the decision to seek representation at a local gallery.  Big deal!  Being invited to hang your work in a gallery involves submitting;  an application (and usually an application fee), an artists statement, resume, and biography, and a portfolio of your work.  Back in the day, an artist would drag their actual paintings around to the galleries, but now-a-days a gallery can view your work on your website.
 The gallery will provide the application form, which is usually just some basic contact information to fill out.  Creating a resume/biography probably isn’t a foreign concept to anyone who has ever applied for a job and there are numerous  websites where you can download a template if you need help with he structure of such a document.
So that leaves you, the artist, with the writing of an artist’s statement.  This is where you talk about yourself and your art and WHY you do what you do.  Now the “what” you do probably isn’t difficult to articulate, but the “why” can really be tough.  “I paint, because I paint”, just won’t work.  I really had to think about what motivates me to put brush to canvas.  What drove me to express myself through art.  And, how honest did I want to be in explaining that to a public I would never see.  Hopefully I’ve written something that is inviting, informative, and true.  You can read my statement under the Welcome page at http://www.seasidestudioart.com

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