Artist Signature Signature

No, lol, that’s not a mistake in the title of this blog post.  Your signature really should be your “signature” – the identifier that is unique to you and recognizable to your followers now and long into the future.

A Rose by any other name

Names are important.  Your name is your most precious possession and the thing that identifies you as you.  How you spell your name matters to you and should matter to everyone, because Nicole “Niki” Hendricks is not the same artist, or in fact the same person, as Nikki Henderson (a name someone recently and incorrectly ascribed to me).  My name as an artist is my brand.  My name as a person is my identity.   How you sign your work is a personal preference and an important decision.  Some artists sign with initials only, some use their full name, some have developed a symbol or graphic to use as their signature.  Whichever form you choose for your signature signature, you of course want others to spell it correctly.  It’s good for business, and it’s only courtesy.  Signing off, Nicole “Niki” Hendricks

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