Throw Away Art?

green-heronSometimes a piece I’ve been working on just doesn’t turn out the way I want it to.  Does that ever happen to you?  Of course it does, it happens to all of us.  Frustrating as that may be, artists learn to give themselves permission to fail and learn from mistakes?  But beyond a learning experience, I try to use those “failed” watercolor attempts in a productive way.  Even if the painting failed, there are usually elements of the design that worked (otherwise you wouldn’t have kept painting, right?).  I cut those elements into 4×5 pieces that fit nicely into standard sized envelopes and send them as hand painted note cards.  This practice accomplishes at least three things:  1.  My time and materials used on a failed piece aren’t a complete waste, 2. people enjoy the thoughtfulness of receiving a hand painted card and 3. the cards actually serve as a type of advertisements for my art.  (Be sure to include your website address at the bottom of your handwritten note.)

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