Working in Pastel

woodpeckerWorking in pastels is really a lot like drawing with colored pencils except a bit messy.  Different artists use different techniques from straightforward drawing such as this red headed woodpecker to a much more painterly style that employs mark making to suggest the image.  There is no right or wrong way to do art, but skill and practice make the work an artist does more enjoyable to look at.  wave-2-revised This wave was done using a somewhat more painterly style.  The waves look more fluid with the use of rubbing alcohol over the under painting.  My process is to block in the main colors first, then thoroughly wet my brush in alcohol and “paint” over the blocked in colors.  The alcohol causes the colors to move on the paper.  The effect then is a smooth blended look.  The alcohol dries quickly and once the paper is dry I go back over the painting making marks such as the foam spray.  This technique does not work well with sanded pastel paper but does quite well on Mi-Teines paper.
I hope you’ll share your pastel techniques by reply.

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