Art Show Entries

bunny  We have bunnies living in the woods behind our house, providing many happy moments as we watch them dart about, raise up to bend down a flower for a quick nibble, or sink quickly to the ground when the shadow of one of our hawks or eagles passes overhead.  February is when we begin to see them come out of their burrows so I just love this Valentine’s Day season and this watercolor bunny.  As an artist, it’s often difficult to decide which of your works are gallery quality and which ones will have appeal to the general viewing (and buying) public.
I so often find that the paintings I’m not so proud of are indeed popular when shown.  Right now I’m struggling with deciding which recent painting I’ll enter into the Seasoast ARtists Guild of SC 2017 Spring Show.  I have the option to enter two pieces, what to do, what to do??


Maybe you can help.  I’ve put some new pieces in the gallery, take a look and let me know which ones you like best.



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