Marketing Art

So I Placeholder Imagebelong to the Georgetown County Watercolor Society of Georgetown, S.C.  I’m a relatively new member so I’m still getting the hang of how the group functions.  Being that this is the first of the new year, the Society has begun planning for 2017 monthly meeting programs.  At the planning meeting, I was “encouraged” to present a program on marketing your art.  Now I have to say that I don’t do a good job of this myself, and I almost said no.  But then I decided that I’ll learn something by preparing a program.  Thus this website was born.

I did some research on websites, especially those that market themselves as websites for artists and found only 4 or 5 that are reasonably priced.  Most artists know about Fine Art Studio Online (FASO), a third-party site where you put up a bio and then link your own website.  FASO says they will feature one artist each month and enter one of your uploaded images in their daily Art Show, but there are literally hundreds of artists linked to the site, so…   However, an $8 Intro fee gets you the ability to upload 25 images, blog, send out a newsletter to 50 subscribers and email 100.  You also get free entry into one contest per month, a branded email account, and free custom domain name.  Now if you would like to purchase the Gold plan for $25 per month (billed annually at $300) you can upload as many images as you like and email up to 6,000 people.

Next I checked out 2 or 3 other options and just didn’t find anything that allowed me to run my own show, that is until I checked out Word Press.  Now, let me say that Word Press is geared primarily for bloggers, so you probably need to be a tad techie to figure out how to make it work for your gallery of art work.  The good news is they do offer lots of tech support and allow you to set up a domain name with a dot com extension rather than a type name, and for that privilege I paid a whopping $35 for the year.

With the website choice settled, next on my to do list is creating business cards that match my website and linking my Instagram site and my YouTube channel to this site.

I’m still working on this site, but it’s coming along and I’m interested in what you think about this site, t your site, and my artwork.

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