Artists block

You’ve heard of writers block?  Well these days I find myself in artists block.  I have a gallery show coming up with a submission deadline of March 15th and have only one of my two entries completed.  The second entry isn’t even a sketch yet!  I just can’t decide what image to paint.  I’m a bit tired of painting beach scenes, fish, shore birds, and marshes.  But those images do sell in our tourist town.  So my dilemma is, do I paint what I love or what will sell?  Production art, as I call it, doesn’t always feel creative, although it sometimes can.  I did a series of pet pictures on commission over the holidays and enjoyed brushing up (no pun intended) on my animal painting skills – painting fur and leathery noses.  So those commissioned paintings also challenged me and caused me to improve my skills.  But painting endless shore birds and children playing on a beach?

Some days I’m drawn to doing botanical drawings because I love the detail involved.  Botanical paintings are more a commercial art form than decorator art however, and I don’t have a ready market in the commercial space.  This year, I hope to expand my reach and my market to include book illustrations and other commercial endeavors.  Finding those new markets is part of the business side of the art business and most artists, myself included, would much rather paint than work on the business side.

For that reason, I’ve linked my Instagram page to this blog and invite you to visit my Etsy store where you’ll find some of my small art including note cards and homemade art supplies.  My Instagram  My Etsy Shop

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